Site C dam would be the most expensive public infrastructure project

$8.8 billion

in BC history

Saving the Peace River Valley from being dammed is not about being anti-development. It is about the excessive cost, the unexplored alternate energy sources, the agricultural potential, treaty rights and the promise of a valley.


Leaders opposed to Site C
At $8.8 billion, Site C is the most expensive public infrastructure project in BC history. Yet the BC government has refused to allow the BC Utilities Commission, the independent body established to protect BC ratepayers and taxpayers, to examine the dam proposal.

"It’s time to start using the F-word. The F word is food."

Vancouver Sun:  Alluvial soil to be flooded could produce vegetables for a million people. By Wendy Holm

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Site C to lose $800M in first 4 years

B.C. Business Community Slams ‘Astronomical’ Cost of Building Site C Dam. By Judith Lavoie

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Not The Answer For This Or Next Generation

” Site C fails both the ecological and social tests.”  – Adam Olsen

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We are optomistic

We are optimistic the panel will find in favour… -Liz Logan

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Horgan Unconvinced Site C Dam Is Needed

New Democratic Party Leader John Horgan is raising concerns about the proposed Site C hydroelectric dam. – The Canadian Press

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Give BC Utilities Commission back its Site C oversight

Give the British Columbia Utilities Commission back its Site C dam oversight by Anna Johnston

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Site C Would Impact Grizzlies, Wolves

“the cumulative effects of development in the region are so significant that some wildlife populations may not be viable in the future.” 

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Value of Peace River Valley for water, carbon storage, filtration

Site C dam a threat to $8 billion in ecological values   Suzuki Foundation study –  By Larry Pynn

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Silence is never the answer, speak out! Stop Site C, Support the Valley

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