Of Dams and Dinosaurs

There are currently two dams on the Peace River.  The W.A.C Bennett dam (183 m (660 ft) high, one of the world’s highest earth fill dams, completed in 1968) and the Peace Canyon Dam (50 m (164 ft) high, concrete dam, completed in 1980).

These dams are not without controversy.  They had huge environmental and local impacts, however when they were built Hydro Power was still considered economically viable.  This is not true for the Site C dam.  Leading economists agree that Site C dam, in it’s proposed location at this time is not an economically sound proposal.

Demand more. Invest the time and energy into innovative forms of energy.  Invest in progress.

The film, DamNation shows how far things have moved and how quickly, from the assumption 50 years ago that dams were always a power for good, to the first successful attempt to remove a marginal dam 20 years ago on the Kennebec River. The film highlights other dam removal stories, including the Elwha and White Salmon Rivers in Washington, the Rogue River in Oregon, and the Penobscot River in Maine. – DamNation website